Error -209863 or Error -89126 Occur on TSN Enabled Chassis

Updated May 8, 2024

Reported In


  • cDAQ-9185
  • cDAQ-9189


  • NI-DAQmx

Issue Details

I received error -209863 or error -89126 while configuring time-based synchronization within a DAQmx task on a cDAQ-9185 or cDAQ-9189.

Error -209863
Exceeded total number of time triggers available. Try disabling time triggers that are enabled on one or more DAQ tasks in your system. If no more time triggers can be disabled, try disabling other features that require internal routing resources. Please refer to info code "TimeTriggerLimits" at for more information.

Error -89126
Trigger line requested could not be reserved because it is already in use.


Each cDAQ-9185/9189 chassis has 6 internal routing lines available when configuring triggers and counter routing. These errors may result from DAQmx requesting more routes than are available. To resolve these errors, the number of internal routes must be reduced. Review the following information to determine which route reservation conflicts apply to your application.

First Sample Timestamps:
One internal route is used per task. These timestamps are enabled by default on AI and DI tasks but can be disabled via property node. This property provides a hardware-based t0 for waveform information. This feature is not required for synchronization and may be a good initial option to disable when resolving routing conflicts.
Time Triggers:
One internal route is used per task where time triggers are configured either manually or implicitly in a task with channels for devices on multiple chassis. Start triggers are necessary for time-based synchronization across multiple tasks. They can be eliminated by consolidating tasks where applicable.
DSA Synchronization:
One internal route is used per task that includes synchronization between DSA modules via channel expansion. This route is used to create a DSA sync pulse. An internal route is also reserved when manually routing a DSA sync pulse. This feature cannot be removed while maintaining synchronization between DSA modules.

Counter Routing:
An internal route is reserved for every backplane counter routed to a module. A system redesign may be required to reduce the number of routes reserved by counters.

Additional Information

Please note that internal routes are reserved on each chassis when multi-device tasks are configured with the features shown above. Each chassis included in a multi-device task reserves one of their internal routes for the overall task time trigger. Likewise, when DSA modules in different chassis are synchronized in one multi-device task, each chassis reserves a route for the DSA sync pulse.