Teststand Error -17850 Remote Execution Error: Passing a Container Parameter

Updated Jan 4, 2019

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  • TestStand

Issue Details

I am using Teststand and have a sequence file on my host computer that is calling a sequence file on my remote machine.

I would like the remote machine running the sequence file to pass a container parameter back (an example would be an error cluster from LabVIEW) using passing by object reference. However, I am running into this error. How else can I implement this?


At the moment, there is not a direct function to pass a container parameter directly from the remote machine to the host machine using Teststand. A workaround include creating a customer step that splits the components of the container into separate variables and passing each variable separately by object reference. Then on the host machine, sets each variable back into the container.

Another workaround could be creating a post engine callback that separates the container into variables such as string, boolean, or number on the remote sequence before it is passed back. The exact workaround will depend on your application, but these suggestions will help you get started inĀ 


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