How to Calibrate a PCI-4060 DMM

Updated Jan 23, 2019

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  • PXI-4060
  • PCI-4060

Issue Details

I want to calibrate my PCI/PXI-4060, but the self-calibrate option does not appear in NI MAX. How can I calibrate it?


Some older devices that are still using traditional DAQ instead of DAQmx do not have self calibration. If you already own a version of Calibration Executive that is compatible with your device, you can use that to calibrate your DMM. Otherwise, you can only calibrate the device by having it sent to National Instruments.

Additional Information

Be sure to read the specifications sheet for the PXI/PCI-4060 to verify that the voltage readings you are seeing are actually out of specification. When reading AC voltages above 25V, the device may be off by more than 680 mV. For voltage measurements this high, you may want to consider upgrading to a newer, more accurate DMM.

You cannot use a Fluke 55xxA calibrator to calibrate the 4060. The recommended calibrator is the Fluke 5700A.


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