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LabVIEW Taking a Long Time to Launch

Updated Jan 7, 2019

Reported In


  • LabVIEW

Issue Details

Whenever I try to launch LabVIEW, it sits at the main window or splash screen for several minutes. Why is it taking so long to launch LabVIEW and are there any configuration changes I can make so that LabVIEW launches faster?


  1. Change your Remote System settings to only search for resources that are present and being used.
    To change your Remote Settings:
    1. Open MAX
    2. Under My System, expand the Software folder
    3. Under the Software folder, click on NI-VISA
    4. At the bottom of the MAX window, select the VISA Options tab
    5. Select General Settings » Remote.
    6. Uncheck any unnecessary targets.
    1. Check for any expired or invalid LabVIEW licenses. 
    To check if you have expired licenses:
    1. Open NI License Manager
    2. Under the LabVIEW version you are trying to launch, check to see if there are any half red/half white boxes or circles. This indicates an expired or invalid license
    3. Uninstall any toolkits that are expired
    4. If any volume licenses are shown as evaluation or backup mode, confirm that the client is able to access the license server.

    Additional Information

    When working with real-time targets using VISA, it is possible to setup LabVIEW to connect to specified real-time targets and search for available resources every time LabVIEW launches. The more targets that are specified, the longer time it takes to find all of the available resources. The length of time it takes for LabVIEW to find the resource on a real-time target is dramatically increased if a target is specified that does not exist anymore. If this is the case, LabVIEW searches for the resource that is not longer present and eventually times out. 

    A similar things happens when there are expired licenses for Toolkits. When LabVIEW launches it checks the licenses for the development system and any toolkits installed. If there is a toolkit installed with an expired license, LabVIEW will timeout trying to verify this license.