How to Compare My Data to a Custom Waveform

Updated May 3, 2018

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  • LabVIEW

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I want to load two waveforms into my Chart. How can I make a custom waveform, and then load two waveforms into a single Waveform Chart (or Graph) so that I can compare my data to this custom waveform?


To do this, there are a few steps. Lets start with building the custom waveform, and then creating the Chart with two plots.
  1. Place a Build Waveform VI, and drag the bottom edge of the VI to give it two more inputs.
  2. The two new inputs should have the label attributes.
  3. Click attributes on each to change them to t0 and dt.
  4. You will want to specify t0 corresponding to when you want the plot to start in terms of seconds.
  5. Then, specify dt corresponding the time between data points that you desire.
  6. Finally, you will create an array of your data points to feed into the Y input.
Next, to create a Waveform Chart with two plots:
  1. Use a Bundle VI and drag it down to get two inputs.
  2. Connect the two inputs to your data for one, and the custom waveform you made above for the other.
  3. Go to your Front Panel and create a Waveform Chart (or Graph).
  4. Go back to your Block Diagram and connect the output from Bundle to the input of Waveform Chart.
That should be all you need to make a custom waveform, and load the two waveforms into a single Waveform Chart


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