Instructions for the GPIB Notify Example in Measurement Studio

Updated May 3, 2018

Reported In


  • GPIB Instrument Control Device


  • Measurement Studio


  • NI-488.2

Issue Details

How do I use the Notify example in Measurement Studio? It doesn't seem to work as expected. 


In order to use this example, the SRQ should only be triggered when the GPIB device is ready to send data back to the controller. 

This example is supposed to show how to use Notify on DeviceServiceRequest to read GPIB data from the GPIB device.

A typical flow of the usage of the example program is the following:


  1. Configure Board ID/Primary Address/Secondary Address to the GPIB device, then click "Open" to activate the program.
  2. Click "Notify on DeviceServiceRequest", this will setup a notify callback "testDevice_Notify" which will be called when there is a service request from the GPIB device. This step is to get the controller ready toe process the service request.
  3. Update "String to Write" to the command that would be sent to the GPIB device that would trigger service request. The default is standard SCPI command "*IDN?" which will cause the GPIB device to send back its own identification string.
  4. Click "Write" to send the updated "String to Write" command to the GPIB device
  5. Upon sending the command to GPIB device, the program expects it will trigger a service request
  6. Trigger SRQ from the GPIB device.
  7. At this point, just wait for the IDN query response to show up in the example. (Note that, after receiving *IDN? command, the GPIB device must be capable of responding to the GPIB read request AFTER asserting service request)

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