How to Remove Parts of a Data Channel in DIAdem

Updated Oct 5, 2022



  • DIAdem

I am trying to truncate part of my data after it is in DIAdem. Is there a way to do this? 

There are many ways to do this in DIAdem, but this document will cover how to do this using only the VIEW tab. 

To use the VIEW tab to edit a data channel:
  1. Drag the channel you would like to edit into the VIEW pane from the Data Portal and select Channel Table
  2. Click and drag to select the channels you would like to remove
  3. Right click the highlighted section and press Delete. This will remove that section of the data
Remember that with a numeric channel you will also need to delete the same sections of your "X" channel for it to be displayed properly in a graph. For a waveform channel both are included in one channel value so you can just perform the delete once.

Additional Information

You can use a plot of your channel to better visualize the data in the table that you are deleting:
  1. Add a 2D Axis System to your View workspace.
    1. Right click the workspace and select New Area
    2. Right click in the new area and select Display Type » 2D Axis System
  2. Drag the channel you would like to edit to the axis system
  3. Right click on the table and select Synchronize with cursor.
  4. Use the Band Cursor to select a region of data. This data will be highlighted in the table. Right click this highlighted area and select Delete.

Note: Once you delete data from your channel there, is no method in Diadem to undo your changes. Make sure to save your TDMS file before making large changes.