Invalid Configuration in InsightCM™

Updated Jan 25, 2019

Reported In


  • NI InsightCM

Issue Details

My NI CompactRIO (cRIO) or Condition Monitoring Systems (CMS) device shows up with an invalid configuration. How can I resolve this issue?


Below is a list of troubleshooting steps that you should try if your device is showing up with an invalid configuration.
  • Click Update Configuration. This will push any changes made to the configuration to the device.
  • Go through the asset tree to ensure there are no boxes highlighted in red. If there are items with a red box around them, it indicates an invalid or missing value. One red box will cause the entire configuration to show as invalid.
  • Unused sensors will result in an invalid configuration.  They should be removed. 
  • If multiple channels are assigned to the same asset, remove additional channels so that only one channel is assigned to an asset. 
  • Your device will show invalid configuration if it has rebooted 10 times within the last hour due to configuration issues.  Common causes of this is high memory or CPU usage, so decreasing the device sample rate or the data group file lengths.
  • Make sure that your physical device has modules in all the slots you configured the device to have modules in when you created the new device.  Not all slots need to be filled, but the slots must be filled in ascending order.


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