Recommendations For Seamlessly Swapping out cDAQ or PXI Chassis

Updated Feb 7, 2018

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  • cDAQ-9188
  • PXI Chassis

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I have a system set up with several cDAQ or PXI chassis. In the case of failure, I want to swap out modules or chassis without having to do much work in MAX to get the system up and running again. What is the easiest way to do this?


Modules are hot-swappable with cDAQ chassis. In the case of a module failure, you can simply remove one and insert the new module into the same slot.

Modules are not hot-swappable in PXI chassis. In the case of switching out a PXI module, please take the steps outlined in the USB/MXI Connections section. 

Ethernet Chassis:
The easiest way to achieve seamless swapping in and out of Ethernet cDAQ chassis is to utilize static IP addresses. In order to set a static IP address on a cDAQ chassis, reference this article. With a static IP set, any code that references the cDAQ can remain the same after a transfer. When switching out chassis, the user will need to use NI MAX to properly set the new chassis to the same IP address that the last chassis held, and set the VISA alias to the same value. All other considerations should be taken care of automatically. 

USB/MXI Connections:
Devices that are connected by USB or MXI will allow for the most seamless transition. Once the system is set up to the user's preferences, the MAX Configuration should be exported. When a device is switched out for another, the user should only need to import the configuration that was exported. This should set all devices to the proper ports and VISA aliases once again.


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