USB Camera Images Darken in Driver Station for FRC

Updated May 3, 2018

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  • roboRIO - Advanced Robotics Controller
  • roboRIO-FRC


USB Cameras (Brand varies)

Issue Details

When I first plug my USB camera into my roboRIO after deploying my code for FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC), the images appears as expected in the Driver Station software. Very quickly, in several steps, the images darken, until they end up much darker than I would prefer.

After rebooting my roboRIO, the images remain in the darkened state until I unplug my camera and plug it back in. When I do this, the process described above begins again.

If I plug my USB camera into my PC and test the images through NI Measurement and Automation Explorer, they appear as expected, at a normal brightness level.


To fix this behavior, you need to modify a lower level VI in your project. This VI is called "WPI_Camera HTTP Connection" and is located in your Project Explorer window, under Dependencies > vi.lib, as shown in the image below.

Open the VI, then navigate to the Block Diagram.

In the lower-left corner of the Block Diagram, there will be a cluster called "Additional Settings."

Double-click on this cluster to expand it and adjust the value of the constant under "Brightness" to your desired brightness level. The default setting is 50, and should work for most applications.

Once you have the value adjusted to the brightness level you prefer, save and close the VI.

Save your roboRIO project, and then redeploy your code to the roboRIO. The Driver Station should now show images at the correct brightness level.

If you run into difficulty with this process, please contact National Instruments for assistance.

Additional Information

The VI modified above will be used by all roboRIO Projects on your computer, so if you require different brightness settings in different projects, you will need to manually change the brightness settings within the while loop of your Vision Processing VI instead. This location is labeled in the screenshot below.


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