Type Mismatch Error Passing Data Between TestStand Container and LabVIEW Cluster

Updated May 14, 2023

Reported In


  • TestStand
  • LabVIEW

Issue Details

I have a cluster in LabVIEW to which I would like to pass data from TestStand. I can pass the data into the LabVIEW cluster elements individually, but if I try to pass a TestStand container directly to the cluster:

I receive the following run-time error:
-17311; Could not accept the parameters passed in.

Or the following edit-time error:

The type of 'XXX.XXX.XXX' does not match the LabVIEW cluster 'XXXX', or cluster passing is disabled in the type definition of 'XXX.XXX.XXX'.

Why is this occurring, and how do I pass objects between a LabVIEW cluster and TestStand?


To pass parameters to individual elements of a cluster, you must first create a custom data type to match the LabVIEW cluster, then enable the cluster passing option in the Cluster Passing tab of the data type's properties dialog box. If you have already created a custom data type skip to step 6:

1. Insert an action step in your sequence, calling the LabVIEW code module containing the cluster to which you wish to pass data.

2. In the Module tab of the action step's Step Settings pane, click the Create Custom Data Type button under the Type field in the table of parameters.

3. Name your custom data type, then click Create in the Create Custom Data Type From Cluster dialog box.

4. In the Variables pane, right-click inside the Parameters container and select Insert Parameter » Type » <Your_Custom_Type>. This creates a parameter of the custom type  defined in Step 3.

4. Navigate back to the Module tab of the action step's Step Settings pane and assign the parameter created in Step 4 to the cluster being passed into LabVIEW. This is done by entering Parameter.<Your_Parameter_Name> in the Value field of the table of parameters.

6. Verify that the cluster passing option is enabled in the Cluster Passing tab of the properties dialog box for your custom data type.  To access this dialog box, navigate to View » Types and select your sequence file from the tree in the View Types For pane.  Right-click your custom data type and select Properties

You should now be able to pass data between LabVIEW clusters and TestStand containers.