How to Download Older Versions of National Instruments Software

Updated Jun 5, 2019

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Issue Details

When trying to download an old version of LabVIEW, the National Instrument's website won't display a link and shows the message  Register your serial number or renew your SSP to access previous versions.

  • How do I download previous versions of software from National Instruments?
  • How do I get access to Legacy Software?
  • I lost my National Instruments' media (CD, DVD, USB). How can I download the software I already purchased in the past?
  • I am wanting to install LabVIEW 2015, which is older than what is available for trial online. How do I download LabVIEW 2015?


I. Requirements

To download and access older versions of National Instruments software, you need to meet the following requirements:

  1. Have a valid NI SSP (Standard Service Program) license.

  2. Have an user account with your Serial Number registered.

Note: If you do not fulfill these requirements and are interested in purchasing or renewing SSP, contact NI Sales.
Note: If you have the installer for this software on another computer, you can transfer the installer folder to the target computer and run the installer. You will still need a valid Serial Number to activate your software.

II. Register your serial number

1. Go to the National Instruments website, and click the Log In text, located in the top left corner, under MY ACCOUNT.



2. Select Create Account. If you have never registered your email, enter your account credentials in the Email and Password fields.



3. If you selected the Create Account option, then enter the required information in the site, and click Create Account.


4. Go to your MyNI dashboard. You can access the dashboard by clicking MY ACCOUNT on the top right of the National Instruments website.


5. Go to the My Products & Services section, and click on the My Products link.



6. Enter your Serial Number in the field located below the My Products title, and click Register.

III. Download your software

1. Go to the download page of the software you're looking for. You should now see the option to download:
Note: The best way to find older National Instruments software is to search for the specific download and version on Google.


2. If you're unsure of which software is needed to run a specific toolkit or module, click on I am evaluating LabVIEW Development System. On the other hand, if you wish to just download the file, click on I am a current user of LabVIEW Development System.

Additional Information

  • The ability to download older versions of software is locked to maintaining active SSP, not an accurate serial number. NI will provide you with a copy of the software at the time of purchase. If you maintain SSP, NI will provide the additional service of keeping a library of software available online. If you choose not to maintain active SSP, you must manage your installation media yourself. Therefore, simply registering a serial number will not guarantee you access to old NI software, even if it will activate the older software. 
  • The NI LabVIEW Standard Service Program (SSP) is Included in the first year of your software purchase, SSP gives you access to support, training, and upgrades to help you ensure your project succeeds; as well as access to download older versions of your NI software.


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  • If you register your serial number online, but the LabVIEW Professional Development System download does not appear, confirm the "Products Downloads Results" search bar is filled out correctly. The correct search for this particular software is "LabVIEW Professional."


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