Timestamp Data from the FPGA

Updated Feb 12, 2018

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  • NI-9467

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How can I add a timestamp to data I acquire with my FPGA?

How can I synchronize my FPGA with the RT OS time?

How can I synchronize my FPGA time with my NI 9467 GPS time?


To add the ability to timestamp data on the FPGA, it is necessary to synchronize a clock on the FPGA with an external clock. This can be done using the FPGA Timekeeper VIs which you will need to download.
  • It is possible to sync the Timekeeper clock on the FPGA with the system time on the RT OS.
To do this, you will need the code from the Synchronize to RT example folder from the FPGA Timekeeper. That code must be implemented on both the RT Host and the FPGA as indicated by the file names. That code will continuously update the time on the FPGA Timekeeper and will also provide the status of the Timekeeper on the front panel of the RT VI.
  • It is also possible to synchronize the FPGA Timekeeper clock with the NI-9467 GPS Module.  To do this, you will need to add the code from the Synchronize to GPS VI to your FPGA VI.
  • Once the FPGA Timekeeper has been synchronized with either the GPS or the RT OS Clock, it is possible to use it to add Timestamps to your data.
An example of how to add a timestamp exists in the Acquire Data using Metronome example. In that example, it shows how you will need to use the FPGA Timekeeper.lvlib:Get Time.vi to pull a timestamp and add it to the data sampling process.



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