Archived:Does National Instruments Offer PCMCIA Adapters?

Updated Jan 4, 2019

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  • DAQCARD-6036
  • DAQCard-6024
  • DAQCard-6062
  • DAQCard-6715

Issue Details

  • I have a legacy DAQ card device that uses the PCMCIA slot on a PC. Are there PCI/PCIe/USB adapters available so that I can use this on a newer PC?
  • I want to connect my PCMCIA device to my computer through a PCMCIA-to-USB converter. Does National Instruments offer such a converter?


National Instruments does not currently offer any adapters or converters for this functionality.

Additional Information

Third-party PCMCIA-to-USB converters are not supported by National Instruments. This is due to the extensive testing resources that would be required to obtain, test, and verify appropriate behavior of our hardware, drivers, and software products with all third party PCMCIA-to-USB converters. Our PCMCIA and ExpressCard hardware is built to the Personal Computer Memory Card International Association (PCMCIA) standards body and we cannot verify third party converters are built to these same standards.