Can I Use SPI and I2C Driver API on sbRIO-9651?

Updated May 3, 2018

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  • sbRIO-9651

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I have the SPI and I2C Driver API that I downloaded from VI package manager to use SPI and I2C on my FPGA. I have used the SPI and I2C Driver API on my other single board RIOs (sbRIO) and it works great.

I am now trying to use it on my System on Module (SOM) which is the sbRIO-9651, and the "SPI FPGA I/O" cluster, which consists of Input/Output Nodes on the FPGA to select for use, has nothing available to select. When I click on the drop down to select the FPGA lines I want to use I get a dialog box that says "No I/O Available".
This means that I can't run my application. 

If I replace the FPGA I/O nodes inside the cluster with ones from my pallet, I can select my sbRIO's I/O. When I do this however the wire connecting the cluster to the subVI is now a broken wire. 

How do I fix this issue so I can use SPI on my SOM?


The SPI and I2C Driver API was not made by National Instruments and better support can be found on the forums. 

The API has not been updated to work with the SOM yet. Since the SOM handles FPGA I/O differently than other sbRIOs you are seeing these incompatibilities.

You can get around this by replacing all of the FPGA I/O Nodes in the cluster with those from your pallet. Then making this cluster a typedef and going into each SPI subVI and changing the expected cluster input of the subVI to that of your typedef and saving. 


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