DMM Max Time Exceeded Error

Updated Aug 24, 2018

Reported In


  • PXI-4065


  • NI-DMM

Issue Details

When I try and acquire data from my NI DMM, I receive Error -1074126845: Max Time exceeded before operation completed. How can I fix this?


Several issues can cause this error.
  • If you are using an NI-DMM Read VI (Single or Multi Point), ensure you aren't calling the niDMM Initiate VI before the Read. The NI-DMM Read commands both initiate an acquisition and fetch data from the buffer. Adding an extra Initiate before the Read can cause the overall acquisition to slow down.
  • If you have a trigger source configured, make sure DMM is receiving the trigger at the proper time.
  • You may need to set the Maximum Time¬†input on your Fetch or Read VI to be longer. By default the maximum time is set automatically, but may be too short depending on your application.


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