Using Custom Cabling Instead of the TB-4357 for the PXIe-4357

Updated Apr 6, 2018

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  • TB-4357
  • PXIe-4357

Issue Details

I would like to reduce the amount of wiring between my measurements system and my DUT. For this reason I want to build a custom cable for the PXIe-4357, but I am afraid the card could require the TB-4357 to work properly. Can I use the PXIe-4357 without the TB-4357?


Yes, you can use the PXIe-4357 (Part Number 782118-01) without this terminal block. The TB-4357 (Part Number 782119-01) is designed to expose the connections to the PXIe-4357 channels, but it is not required. If you want to reduce the amount of connections and cables in your system, you can build a custom cable for the card or have a cable made. 

Additional Information

If you need to have the cable built for you, you can refer to our Alliance Parters network for possible options of companies who offer this service. 

If you go to the TB-4357 specifications you will notice that it only provides information about the trace resistance in the board as electrical relevant details. The TB 4357 does not have additional sensors that could impact the performance of the board. 


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