Transfer an NI Software License to Another User

Updated Jan 16, 2019

Issue Details

  • How do I transfer a license for NI software (LabVIEW, TestStand, VeriStand, etc.) to another user? 
  • How do I change the company ownership information for my NI licenses?  For example, my company was recently acquired or divested.


You can transfer a license to another user or company using the License Transfer form. Once the form is complete, email it to one of the parties below:
  • Single Seat Licenses:
  • VLM or Multi-Seat Licenses:
Once you have submitted the License Transfer form, National Instruments will contact you to confirm the transfer. Please allow a few business days for the transfer request to be completed.

Additional Information

  • Please be aware that you are giving your rights to use the licensed software to the party listed on the License Transfer form. A license can be transferred as many times as you like during the lifetime of the license.
  • If you are unsure what type of license you or your company has, please contact NI Support for further assistance.


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