Moving Pre-Installed Image to New PXI Hard Drive

Updated Aug 1, 2023

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  • PXI Controller
  • Upgrade Hard Drive

Issue Details

  • I want to create a backup image for a PXI(e) or rackmount controller. I don't want to replace the factory image, but instead create an alternate image and store it to a specific location that I can reference later. What are the steps to do this?
  • I ordered a second hard drive for my PXI/PXIe controller, but it doesn't have the pre-installed Windows on it. How do I get Windows on to my new hard drive?


The steps to create a backup image are as follows:

1. To access Acronis, allow Windows to boot and then go to Start » All Programs » Acronis » Acronis True Image » Acronis True Image HD

2. In the initial Acronis screen, select the Backup Option (this may be referred to as Rescue CD on other versions)

3. Select Disk and Partition Backup
Note: Backing up the entire disk can take significant disk space and time.

4. Select the partition to backup and click Next

5. Name the file and determine the appropriate location to store the backup image file. You are able to choose between creating a new backup archive or adding to an existing archive. You are also able to choose from a network location, a USB drive, or a CD/DVD. When done select Next.

6. Check the Run task now box and select Proceed

7. The backup image will now be created and stored at the designated location.