Error 45: NI PCle-1427 Disabled in Device Manager And Cannot Enable

Updated May 3, 2018

Reported In


  • PCIe-1427
  • Frame Grabber Device


  • Vision Acquisition Software

Issue Details

I wanted to temporarily disable the NI PCle-1427 Camera Link Frame Grabber or other NI Frame Grabbers from Windows Device Manager. However it is now showing Error 45 in Windows Device Manager, and it will not allow me to enable again. Nothing was changed on the computer besides the disabling and enabling the PCIe-1427 or other NI Frame Grabber hardware.


Take the steps below in full to get your NI Frame Grabber to show up again.  The steps should be able to get your NI Frame Grabber visible in Windows Device Manager again if the frame grabber is not damaged:
  1. Shutdown your computer, and disconnect it from power. 
  2. Remove the PCIe-1427 or other NI Frame Grabber in question from the computer, being careful to ground yourself while doing so. 
  3. Turn the computer back on, and perform a force reinstall of the version of Vision Acquisition Software (VAS) that you are using.
  4. After the force reinstall, shut down the computer and disconnect power again. 
  5. Re-insert the PCIe-1427 or other NI Frame Grabber in question. 
  6. Power up the computer and see if there's any difference in behavior. 
  7. If the above doesn't work, see if there is a second PCIe slot (or PCI as relevant) on the computer that might be compatible with the PCIe-1427 or other NI Frame Grabber in question. If so, try moving your frame grabber to that slot and check the behavior as well. This eliminates possible problems with the particular PCIe/PCI slot.
  8. Try another computer with a PCIe or PCI slot as relevant for your frame grabber.

Additional Information

Make sure you are not skipping steps, especially step 2, as there are instances when skipping steps do not resolve the problem and then require a complete run through again.


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