What is the Life Cycle of my Product?

Updated Nov 28, 2018

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  • Multifunction I/O Device
  • Digital I/O Device
  • Analog Output Device

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I have seen products that were in a "mature" state in their life cycle, but my product does not say anything about its life cycle. Can I safely assume it is in the Active stage of its life cycle?


If the product page does not say otherwise, you can safely assume the product is in its "Active" stage of its life cycle.

Additional Information

We do not provide any further distinction as it varies on a per product basis. Some may be "mature" in 3 years, while others will take longer.

However, where there is a deterministic timeline, we will share that information with customers. This is often the case for things like PXIe controllers and cRIO chassis.

Regarding the specific definition of the life cycle definitions:
Active – A product in the Active phase is currently manufactured and available for sale and support. 
Mature – A Mature product is well advanced in its life cycle and may be nearing the end of its production life
For more information regarding the specific phases of product life cycle see Hardware Product Life Cycle Policies.



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