Do I Need LabVIEW Installed Prior to Installing the Service Pack 1 (SP1) Release?

Updated Mar 2, 2021

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  • LabVIEW

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I am interested in installing a LabVIEW SP1 release on my computer. Is it necessary to install the non-SP1 LabVIEW release first, or can I install LabVIEW SP1 without having the non-SP1 LabVIEW release installed?


You can install the SP1 release without having the non-SP1 release on your computer.

Additional Information

This is because each SP1 release is a major release of LabVIEW and is independent of the non-SP1 release, meaning it's not necessary to install the non-SP1 release first.

Also, if you have a license for the non-SP1 LabVIEW release, it will not necessarily activate the LabVIEW SP1 release unless you have an active SSP membership .