User Input in Vision Builder for Automated Inspection Sequence

Updated Mar 27, 2023



  • Vision Builder for Automated Inspection

Operating System

  • Windows

In my Vision Builder for Automated Inspection (VBAI) sequence I  would like to provide some value, which can be controlled by user. How I can do that?

You can provide the user controlled input by performing following steps:
1. Open VBAI and capture the picture.
2. Modify the Inspection Interface, by clicking Tools -> Inspection Interface Configuration
3. In the Configure Inspection Interface window select Create New Custom Inspection Interface from: (choose one, most suitable option for your application) and then click Edit

4. In the NI Vision Builder AI - Configuration window add needed controls from the palette (e.g. numeric control called "Numeric INPUT"), click OK

5. Click OK in the Configure Inspection Interface window
6. From the Inspection Steps functions, select Use Additional Tools,  and then click Set Variable function
7. Click OK if No User-Defined Variables window pops-up
8. In the Variable Manager window click Add
9. Write a name for your variable, choose a type and an initial value, click OK

10. Click OK
11. In the Set Variable configuration window, in the Operation tab select Set to Measurement
12. From the drop down list select User Interface Control - Numeric INPUT, click OK

Now the value will be stored in your created variable and can be used in your VBAI sequence.