Power Light Won't Turn On When roboRIO Is Powered

Updated Jan 15, 2019

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  • roboRIO-FRC
  • roboRIO

Issue Details

I plugged my roboRIO into my battery or power supply, yet the power light on the side of the roboRIO will not turn on and I see no activity on any of the other lights, why?


  1. As per the roboRIO User Manual, the input voltage range of the roboRIO is 7-16V DC with 45W max power. Ensure that you have a proper power supply that meets this voltage criteria.
  2. Use a handheld DMM (digital multi-meter) to probe the two pins and ensure you have an adequate supply voltage.
  3. Use a DMM to ensure the polarity of your power supply is correct and not reversed.
  4. Try to power it on with another battery or power supply.
  5. Make sure there are no metal shavings or objects in the roboRIO that are shorting a power rail. Read more here: FRC roboRIO Light is Red
  6. Contact National Instruments for further assistance with sending your device to be repaired: Connect with NI FRC Technical Support 

Additional Information

  • If you are seeing any other unexpected roboRIO LED indicator behavior, please consult the LED Indications section of the roboRIO user manual.  
  • NI recommends using a dedicated power supply when developing on the roboRIO to ensure random power failures do not occur.