Issues When Daisy Chaining a Second PXIe Chassis

Updated Feb 22, 2019

Reported In


  • PXI Chassis
  • PXI Remote Control Module

Issue Details

  • When I have 1 PXIe chassis connected to my computer via MXI, everything works as intended. However, when I daisy chain to another PXIe chassis, things go wrong. I am unable to see the chassis in MAX, and am unable to communicate with them. What could be causing this? Can it be resolved?
  • I have two PXIe chassis with PXIe bus extension modules in them, however when I connect them- my second chassis does not power on. What could be happening?


  • This issue generally points to an issue with the number of PCI root buses that the computer is able to enumerate. For information on how to troubleshoot this, follow the steps in this article. If the steps in the linked article do not resolve the issue, it is likely that the issue is related to the motherboard. To confirm this, check the number of root buses available on the motherboard by taking the steps in this article. If the motherboard's range of bus numbers is [0,ff] and the issue still occurs, please contact NI Support.
  • Another option to confirm that that the second chassis has a remote control module either built into the chassis (ex. PXIe-1073 or the PXIe 8360 remote control module). This insures that the second chassis is meeting the compatibility listed in the MXI-Express x1 Series User Manual as the target device to be controlled.


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