Error 1722 Installing NI InsightCM Server

Updated Jan 7, 2019

Reported In


  • NI InsightCM

Issue Details

During the install of InsightCM Server the following error occurs: 

The "NI InsightCM Server Services" installation has failed with the following error:

Error 1722. There is a problem with this Windows Installer package. A program run as part of the setup did not finish as expected. Contact your support personnel or package vendor.



This error occurs if the Web Server Internet Information Services (IIS) Role is not installed on the Windows Server machine. Additionally the following components of the IIS Role must be installed.
See the following Microsoft documents for installing roles on Windows Server:
Installing IIS 8 on Windows Server 2012 

Web Server (IIS)
  • Web Server:
    • Common HTTP Features:
      • Default Document
      • Directory Browsing
      • HTTP Errors
      • Static Content
    • Health and Diagnostics:
      • HTTP Logging
    • Performance:
      • Static Content Compression
    • Security:
      • Request Filtering
      • Basic Authentication
    • Application Development
      • .NET Extensibility 3.5
      • .NET Extensibility 4.5
      • ASP.NET 3.5
      • ASP.NET 4.5
      • ISAPI Extensions
      • ISAPI Filters
  • Management Tools
    • IIS Management Console
The image below shows the components of the IIS Role that needs to be installed on the Windows Server. 

After installing the IIS Role for Windows Server, run the InsightCM Server installer again.