Archived:Differences Between the GPIB-USB-A and GPIB-USB-B

Updated Oct 9, 2019

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I want to replace my GPIB-USB-A with a GPIB-USB-B. What are the differences between the devices, and will I need to change anything in my code?


There are no functional differences between the GPIB-USB-A and the GPIB-USB-B, so you will not need to change your code when switching between devices. The main difference is that the GPIB-USB-B isĀ fasterĀ than the GPIB-USB-A:

GPIB-USB-B: 850 Kbytes/s
GPIB-USB-A: 650 Kbytes/s

GPIB-USB-B only works with NI-488.2 version 2.0 and later. In addition, the GPIB-USB-B is blue and the GPIB-USB-A is black.

Additional Information

On a Windows operating system, NI-488.2 versions 2.0 - 2.3 support both the GPIB-USB-A and the GPIB-USB-B. There is no support for GPIB-USB-A on a Linux operating system.


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