Trouble Accessing the Web Interface on FRC RoboRIO

Updated Jan 22, 2019

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  • roboRIO


  • FRC Software
  • FRC 2019 Software

Issue Details

  • I am using a roboRIO for FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC) and I am trying to access my roboRIO over the web.  I can ping it from the command line, but when I enter in its IP address, I get an error saying that the page cannot be displayed.
  • When I try to access my roboRIO using the Web Interface (WIF), I see the System Configuration and Network Configuration tabs in the left panel, but nothing displays on the right panel of the screen. 


  • Ensure that you are accessing the WIF from the appropriate browser.
    For FRC 2019 -- You will need to use a browser other than Internet Explorer due to Silverlight incompatibility (e.g. Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, etc.).
    For FRC 2018 and prior -- You will need to use Internet Explorer with Silverlight to access the web interface on the roboRIO.
  • Check the IP address that you are using to access the WIF
    • The IP address of your roboRIO will be when connected over USB.
  • Follow the next guide for further troubleshooting: Can't Connect to the Web Interface for Real-Time Targets

Additional Information

If you have NI Measurement & Automatation Explorer (NI MAX) installed on your computer, you can access the same items in NI MAX as you can in the web interface.