Replacement Cabling for NI RF Equipment

Updated Jan 30, 2018

Reported In


  • PXI-5600
  • PXI-5620
  • PXIe-5450
  • PXIe-5611
  • PXIe-5652

Issue Details

I am assembling a new RF system or replacing cabling on an existing RF system using National Instruments devices. What cabling and connector types do I need for my devices? 


There are a number of cable types and connector types that can be implemented on National Instruments RF hardware. Generally 50 Ohm impedance flexible or semi-rigid cables are used with SMB, SMA, or BNC connections. This list is non-exhaustive and it is recommended that you consult the specifications sheet, getting started guide, and other supporting documentation for additional cabling considerations. Additionally, sections 2-5 of the Connectivity Options for RF Switch Applications White Paper cover these topics in more depth.

If the replacement cabling is for a cluster of devices that are sold as a single unit, replacement cabling packages for these devices can be found under the Accessories section of the shop. For example, there is no physical device named the "PXIe-5673E", rather the PXIe-5673E is a Vector Signal Generator comprised of the PXIe-5450, PXIe-5611, and PXIe-5652. Replacement cabling between these three devices can be ordered using the NI Order By Part Number page with PXIe-5673/5673E Replacement Cable Kit  (Part Number 780567-01).

Additional Information

National Instruments sells a limited selection of individually packaged SMA cables. Refer to the shop for available accessories.