USRP Support on NI Global Navigation Satellite System Toolkit

Updated Jan 26, 2018

Reported In


  • USRP Software Defined Radio Device


  • GLONASS Simulation Toolkit

Issue Details

I found a couple of examples online that refer to the use of the NI Global Navigation Satellite System Toolkit (GNSS) with NI USRP hardware, but after trying to use the GNSS examples with my USRP I receive RFSG related errors. After checking the Readme for the GNSS Toolkit, I noticed that USRP devices are not listed under the Supported Hardware section. Can I use the GNSS Toolkit with my USRP hardware?


Yes, you can use GNSS Toolkit VIs with USRP devices, but the shipping examples for the toolkit would need adjustments in order to be used with USRP.

Additional Information

The readme for the toolkit mentions that the supported hardware is only the PXI-5672 and 5673(E). The reason the readme mentions this is the only supported hardware is because these are the only devices that NI created shipping examples for to go along with using the GNSS Simulation Toolkit. However, the toolkit itself, and the VIs it provides, are actually hardware independent. 

The GNSS Simulation Toolkit VIs operate on the signal that's generated, regardless of what hardware it comes from. The shipping examples that come from the toolkit do the whole process of generating and manipulating the signal, and these examples only work with the PXI-5672 and 5673(E) signal generators.