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Reset the IP Address to Default of the NI USRP-29xx

Updated Jan 30, 2018

Reported In


  • USRP-2920
  • USRP-2921
  • USRP-2922
  • USRP-2940
  • USRP-2942
  • USRP-2943
  • USRP-2944
  • USRP-2945

Issue Details

I am unable to change the IP address of the NI USRP-29xx through the NI USRP Configuration Utility. How can I reset the device to the default IP address?


You may need to power cycle the device into a safe (read-only) image, if you cannot see your NI USRP-29xx device in the NI-USRP Configuration Utility and are unable to reset the IP address. When you have done this, it will reset the device's IP to the default value of For step-by-step instructions, you can see the Why Doesn't the Device IP Address Reset to the Default?​ section located in your NI USRP 2920/2921/2922 Getting Started Guide.