Error -200077 When Performing PXIe-4339 Global Virtual Channel Shunt Calibration

Updated Feb 21, 2019

Reported In


  • PXIe-4339
  • TB-4339B
  • TB-4339
  • RM-4339

Issue Details

When I perform a shunt calibration for my strain gauge with a PXIe-4339 and TB-4339 terminal block, I need to provide a Value for the shunt calibration resistor. When configuring a Global Virtual Channel in NI MAX and setting up a bridge calibration for the TB-4339B 100k Ohm resistance, I receive Error -200077: Requested value is not a supported value for this property. The property value may be invalid because it conflicts with another property.

NI MAX will not accept an input of 100k Ohms. 110k Ohms is not the resistance of the resistor in my TB-4339. Why is this happening?


When creating a DAQmx Global Virtual Channel, NI MAX physically measures the resistance and will not accept a value that differs from its own measurement. Include the additional 10k Ohms from the PXIe-4339 switch resistance in series with your shunt calibration resistance of the TB-4339B for accurate calibration measurements. 

Note: ​In the image seen above, the 100k Ohm Value will cause an error. Add an additional 10k Ohms of resistance for correct calibration.

Additional Information

The PXIe-4339 module has an internal shunt calibration switch resistance of 10k Ohms, which must be added to your shunt calibration resistor value used in your terminal block.

The TB-4339 comes in three models: TB-4339, TB-4339B and TB-4339C. The B and C models have a 100k Ohm shunt calibration resistance, while the TB-4339 has a 50k Ohm shunt calibration resistance. The following description and figure involve the TB-4339B.


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