Unable to Connect to roboRIO In LabVIEW or Driver Station

Updated Sep 28, 2018

Reported In


  • roboRIO-FRC
  • roboRIO


  • LabVIEW

Issue Details

I cannot connect to my roboRIO via USB in the FRC Driver Station or in LabVIEW. I also cannot ping it, even though I can access the Web Interface (WIF) and can see the device in the roboRIO imaging tool. Why does it not connect?


  1. Make sure you have the latest Update Suite installed.
  2. Try running the driver station as administrator (right click on the program and select Run as Administrator).
  3. Make sure your Windows Firewall is off, and there is no antivirus blocking the connection between the Driver Station and the roboRIO.
  4. Follow general network troubleshooting outlined in: Imaging the roboRIO and Common Troubleshooting Techniques.

Additional Information

In the case where you can see the roboRIO in the imaging tool and in the WIF but cannot access it using LabVIEW for FRC or the Driver Station, it is likely a software incompatibility. If you have a software incompatibility (i.e. an older version of the LabVIEW For FRC Update Suite), be sure to follow the installation guide


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