Custom LabVIEW Palette Transfer Between Computers

Updated Feb 1, 2018

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  • LabVIEW

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How can I create a group of VIs on the LabVIEW functions palette so that later, they can be easily distributed to other LabVIEW users as a custom toolset?


You will need to organize all of your custom VIs for the palette you are creating in a new folder and place the folder in <LabVIEW>\vi.lib. This is the best directory to place these VIs because most LabVIEW users have this directory.

Next, you will need to create a .mnu file that will contain all of the information about the palette you want to distribute. To create a .mnu file, you need to open up LabVIEW and edit the palette set:
  1. Go to Tools >> Advanced >> Edit Palette Set...
  2. On the functions palette, right-click on the palette where you would like to add your functions
  3. Select Insert >> Subpalette
  4. Select Create a new palette file (.mnu)
  5. Name your .mnu file and save it. Make note of where you save the file, because you will need it later
  6. Name your subpalette and press OK
  7. Click on your new subpalette's icon and right-click on the palette. Select Insert >> VI(s)...
  8. Browse to your folder in vi.lib to add your custom VIs
  9. Save the changes to your palette set
On the computer that will receive the palette:
  1. Place the folder containing the custom VIs in <LabVIEW>\vi.lib
  2. Place the .mnu file in the <LabVIEW>\menus\Categories directory
As an example, if you place the .mnu file in <LabVIEW>\menus\Categories\Programming, your palette will show up in the Programming palette.


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