TestStand Error -31619 with IVI Step Type

Updated Sep 18, 2019

Reported In


  • TestStand


  • IVI Compliance Package

Issue Details

I installed IVI driver for my third-party instrument (a Rigol DM3068 digital multimeter) and configured the IVI Driver Session in MAX.
Then I add a IVI Dmm step in my TestStand sequence in order to configure the device.
However, when I run the sequence, I get the following error:

An error occurred calling 'RunStep' in 'ISubstep' of 'zNI TestStand Ivi Step Types'
An error occurred while executing the step. 
Component Works IVI Control Error: The IVI Init operation failed for logical name 'Rig'.
Details: Session Manager: rgdm3068_InitWithOptions returned an error: -1074134949 (0xbffa005b). Primary Error: (Hex 0xBFFA005B) File not found.
Source: TSIviStepTypes

Error Code:
-31619; User-defined error code.



To troubleshoot the error, you should:
  1. ensure that the IVI driver session was properly configured in Measurement&Automation Explorer (MAX) by following the step-by-step IVI configuration tutorial
  2. in MAX, under IVI Drivers » Advanced » Instrument Driver Software Modules » <Your instrument IVI driver name> , open General tab and check Module Path (32-bit) and Module Path (64-bit) fields: ensure that these paths are correct, pointing to the correct location of the IVI driver dll that you installed on your PC. For example, in case of a 32-bit dll, ensure that Module Path (32-bit) is pointing to C:\Program Files (x86) folder and not to C:\Program Files folder. In case the path is wrong (as in the following screenshot), you can browse to the right location:

If the error is not solved after following these suggestions, you can contact National Instruments Technical Support for further troubleshooting.


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