Error 2890001 when Reimaging roboRIO for FRC

Updated Apr 26, 2018

Reported In


  • roboRIO-FRC

Issue Details

I can't deploy code to the roboRIO that I use for the FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC). When I try to reimage the device, I get an error. The error is followed by a call chain including the roboRIO Imaging Tool's libraries.

Unable to download the image to target. Unable to complete operation because of unexpected error:nisyscfg.lvlib:Error 2890001<APPEND>


  1. Try to reimage the device in Safe Mode. More information about this step is available here: Recovering a roboRIO using Safe Mode
  2. Unplug all the connections from the roboRIO that are not power or USB/Ethernet. Also take out any expansion board you might have in the MXP port.
  3. Try to use another computer, or force reinstall the FRC Update Suite. Follow the steps outlined here: Force Reinstall Non-Working or Corrupt NI Software, and the software from: Download FRC Software.

Additional Information

Formatting the target (roboRIO) will erase all software that was previously loaded in it. Therefore, make sure to run again any tool you need to run additional components. For example, the Lifeboat software from CTR-Electronics.