What Happens to Expired VLA Seats if not Renewed?

Updated May 27, 2024

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  • Volume License Manager

Issue Details

  • I purchased a Volume License Agreement (VLA) for a certain number of software seats. With the VLA I use the NI Volume License Manager (VLM) to manage my licenses. However, the license file that I was given has an expiration date. What happens when this expiration date is reached? Will I still have access to my software, support, and training? Will the programs I write no longer work after the expiration date?"
  • I launched NI Volume License Manager (VLM) and I noticed that the License Expiration date has passed. The client machines are not activating NI software anymore. What can I do to get it working again?
  • Am I obligated to ask for a new license file when my license expires even when I'm not using NI Volume License Manager (VLM)?


As your company reaches the end of its Volume License Agreement, we strongly encourage you contact us and request a quote to renew by sending an email to services@ni.com . Renewing your Volume License Agreement will ensure that you will continue to have one renewal date for all of your software, enjoy the convenience of knowing where your software is using the VLM tool, and maintain access to our full online training library among other benefits.  Once you renew you will receive a new license file and your software will continue uninterrupted.

If you decide not to renew, you have the option of keeping your software connected to the VLM with an updated permanent license file, or downgrading each seat of the software to a single seat license.  In the case of a downgrade, you will receive a unique serial number for each seat.  The end users will need to activate their software again using the one of methods for single seat activation

Additional Information

If you decide to get an updated permanent license file instead of renewing, be aware that your service will still show up as expired on your volume license server. To verify that the software will not expire, check under NI License Manager for the software expiration date.

Your executables are also expected to work after your VLM expires with no additional licensing needed. If your executable needs a specific licensed runtime engine, please refer to the documentation regarding that runtime engine.