NI Touch Screen Monitor Not Displaying

Updated Feb 11, 2021

Reported In


  • TSM-1015
  • TSM-1012
  • TSM-1017

Issue Details

  • I have connected my monitor to my target and it doesn't display anything. How can I fix this?


  • Try plugging in the monitor and then resetting the RIO. The monitor needs to be present system when the RIO boots for the monitor to be recognized correctly. 
  • Try to make sure to use the adapter that came with the RIO. This is because for some connections it is important that the adapter be an active converter for use with the RIO. 
  • If an adapter system is needed, try connecting the monitor directly on start up so that it enumerates, then unplug and add adaptors. 
  • If you're working with a PXI RT, try booting the PXI into safe mode and then change the resolution down.