Analog Input control on an NI SMD 761x/762x

Updated May 3, 2018

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  • SMD-7613
  • SMD-7616
  • SMD-7614
  • SMD-7620
  • SMD-7615
  • SMD-7621

Issue Details

  • I have a NI SMD-7620/7621 AC Stepper Motor Drive, and pin 15 on the DB-15 input connector is labeled AIN. The specification sheet for the NI stepper motors also shows a single-ended, 12-bit analog input on the drives. Can I use this input?
  • I notice in the manual for the NI SMD-761x that "device features two analog inputs that can be configured to operate at a speed or position that is proportional to the analog signal." How can I use these inputs? 


The analog inputs on the drive are reserved and cannot be used to control the motor speed or take in other inputs. 

Additional Information

If you need to read an analog input using NI Motion hardware, the 733X and 734X motion controllers offer four 12-bit analog inputs, and the 735X motion controllers offer eight 16-bit analog inputs. All of these inputs are accessed through the 68 pin motion I/O connector. For analog inputs on a CompactRIO, you can use any analog input module, such as the 922X modules.


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