How do I Read or Write to Named Cells or Named Ranges in Excel Using the LabVIEW Report Generation Toolkit?

Updated Mar 27, 2023

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Excel XP
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Issue Details

In Excel 2007, I named a range or a cell by selecting Formulas > Define Name (In other Excel versions it can be accessed, by selecting Insert Name > Define). Now, I would like to modify the properties of this named cell or range programmatically by using the Report Generation Toolkit in LabVIEW. How do I go about doing this?


There are two VIs included with the Report Generation Toolkit, Excel Insert Cells VI and Excel Get Data VI which allow you to insert and retrieve data into and from named cells or ranges. Simply wire in the name of the range or cell to the name input terminal of either VI. This terminal is located on the bottom of each respective VI.
Note that when you insert cells in a named range, you are given the option to either shift the range down or to the right, or enter an entire row/column. Inserting a row or a column will insert cells throughout the entire worksheet, not just in the named range you have selected. If you opt to shift cells down or to the right, only one cell will be entered at the top left corner of the range.