Can I Install Multiple Versions of NI SignalExpress on My Computer?

Updated Apr 13, 2018

Reported In


  • SignalExpress
  • SignalExpress 2014
  • SignalExpress 2015

Operating System

  • Windows

Issue Details

Can I install multiple versions of NI SignalExpress on the same machine?


You can only have one version of NI SignalExpress on your computer at any given time.
For example, if you installed NI SignalExpress 2014 on your computer and try to install NI SignalExpress 2015, NI SignalExpress 2014 will be replaced by NI SignalExpress 2015. If you try to install an older version the install will prompt you the following error: higher version already installed

Additional Information

It is possible to install multiple versions of other NI Software i.e. LabVIEW but it is not recommended.


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