Can I Interface TeraTerm Software with LabVIEW?

Updated Mar 8, 2022

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  • LabVIEW



Issue Details

I am using TeraTerm for serial terminal. My LabVIEW program uses TeraTerm and sends some commands to it. How can I interface TeraTerm with LabVIEW to achieve the same?


There is no interfacing support provided by TeraTerm software, which could be used to interface TeraTerm with LabVIEW. An alternative is to use system-exec node and pass the TeraTerm exe address to it.

If you need help learning how to use system-exec node, you can refer this link.

You can also write a batch file which can include commands you want to send to TeraTerm and then execute the batch file using system-exec node. 

Additional Information

TeraTerm doesn't provide Object Linking and Embedding (OLE), which is based on COM (Component Object Model) technologies and allows a user to automate control of a program using LabVIEW using ActiveX.

Just as a suggestion, RealTerm software also servers similar purpose as TeraTerm, and it also has support for automation using ActiveX. So if you are willing to use RealTerm instead of Teraterm then you can interface RealTerm with LabVIEW easily using ActiveX control in LabVIEW.