How to Choose a Suitable Relay Controlled by the PCIe-6343

Updated Feb 12, 2018

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  • PCIe-6343
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I want to use a PCIe-6343 to control relays,but I don't know how to choose a proper relay.


You can refer to the characteristic of digital I/O of PCIe-6343 in its device specifications .

For example, the PCIe-6343's maximum output current of P0.<0..31> is -24 mA (minus sign indicates output current). According to the curve of current and voltage as followunder normal temperature, the maximum output voltage is around 4.2 V.
So when you choosing a relay, make sure the input requirements of the relay matches the digital output of the device.

Additional Information

For other DAQ devices, choosing method is same. Just make sure the device digital output meet the needs of relay you choosing.


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