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NI Package Manager Blocks the Add/Remove Programs Functionality in Windows Control Panel

Updated Jul 31, 2023

Reported In


  • Package Manager

Issue Details

I am trying to check the drivers and/or NI software on my system. When I got to Control Panel»Programs and Features»National Instrument Software»Uninstall/Change, I do not receive the standard Add/Remove Programs window with the Modify, Repair, and Remove options. Instead, NI Package Manager loads. Has that feature been removed? How do I use NI Package Manager?


When NI Package Manager (NIPM) is installed, it replaces the standard Add/Remove Programs window that normally appears when you click on National Instruments Software.

This is because installing NIPM on your system fundamentally changes the way that NI software is uninstalled from a computer. This is advantageous because NIPM is the only executable that understands the relationships between NI's legacy products and next generation products.

It should be noted that NI Package Manager has its own entry separate from the National Instruments Software entry in the Add/Remove Programs window.

Additional Information

  • Add/Remove Programs will now launch NIPM initialized to the Installed tab.
  • Both legacy and next generation products appear in the Installed tab.
  • There is no way to repair products in NIPM. The repair options depend on if the product was installed via NIPM or not
  • There is no way to modify the original installation in NIPM. The workaround is to run the setup.exe from the original installation media.
  • In order to revert back to the standard Add/Remove Programs window, all next generation products must be uninstalled through NIPM. Then, NIPM itself must be uninstalled. 
  • If you uninstall NIPM without uninstalling all packages, the packages can not be uninstalled, unless you re-install NIPM.