How Do I Use Cyrillic Fonts In LabVIEW?

Updated Jun 8, 2018

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  • LabVIEW

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  • Windows

Issue Details

  • I have installed LabVIEW on a Windows XP or Windows 7 machine. How do I use Cyrillic fonts in my LabVIEW programs?
  • I would like to use Cyrillic font in my LabVIEW program, but when I type or paste into a label the text turns to question marks "?????." 


Once possibility is that the text you are using is Unicode based which is unsupported in LabVIEW. However, some Unicode features are available by enabling a Unicode ini token. 

Another possibility is that the language is not enabled. The following are steps for enabling the language on the computer. 

For Windows XP:
  1. Click on Start»Settings»Control Panel.
  2. Double-click on Regional and Language Options.
  3. Click on the Languages tab.
  4. Click on Details.
  5. Click on Add from the Settings tab.
  6. Select the Cyrillic input language (i.e. Bulgarian, Russian, Serbian, etc.) of your choice and click OK. This will bring you back to the Regional and Language Options panel.
  7. Click on the Advanced tab.
  8. Select the Cyrillic language of your choice to match the language version of the non-Unicode programs you want to use.
  9. Restart the PC when prompted.
  10. Start LabVIEW after your PC has been restarted.
  11. Change the Front Panel and the Block Diagram fonts to one of the available Cyrillic fonts (e.g. Arial CYR).
  12. You should be able to type in the Cyrillic language of choice.

For Windows 7:
  1. Click on Start»Control Panel.
  2. Double-click on Region and Language
  3. Click on the Administrative tab.
  4. Click on Change System locale...
  5. Select the required language from the list and click OK.
  6. You will then be required to restart your PC.
  7. After you restart, open LabVIEW and change fonts to one of the available Cyrillic fonts.


    Additional Information

    If you followed the above steps and still cannot get the correct Cyrillic font to work, then the added keyboard might have added an additional service called Ink Correction. Ink Correction is a service from Microsoft which improves the ability to interpret hand written text from touch pads or similar devices. This service needs to be removed in order for Cyrillic font to operate properly. To do this:
    1. Click on Start>>Control Panel
    2. Double-click on Region and Language
    3. Click on the Keyboards and Languages tab
    4. Click on the Change keyboards...
    5. Look at the tree menu of your keyboard for Other
    6. Click on Ink Correction to highlight it
    7. Click the Remove button
    8. Open LabVIEW and change fonts to one of available Cyrillic font.


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