Can I Configure Multiple Triggers on an NI-SCOPE Acquisition?

Updated Jun 26, 2018

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  • PXIe-5170
  • PXIe-5171
  • PXIe-5172
  • PXIe-5105



Issue Details

Is it possible to set multiple different triggers with an NI oscilloscope? For instance, can I set multiple different analog edge triggers, or have some channels trigger immediately while other channels trigger off of a digital signal?


No, you cannot set up multiple triggers on the same digitizer/oscilloscope with the NI-SCOPE driver. There is only one timing engine used by the entire module. Furthermore, the NI-SCOPE triggering functions also only allow for one source to be configured for a trigger. If you need multiple triggering conditions on multiple different digitizer channels, you can consider the PXIe-517x reconfigurable oscilloscope products. They have a user accessible FPGA that would allow you to develop FPGA code to realize advanced triggering capabilities.