Will Replacing CAN With XNET Fix My Real-Time Taking ~10 seconds To Startup?

Updated May 3, 2018

Reported In


  • cRIO-9067
  • NI-9853
  • NI-9862

Issue Details

It is taking around 10 seconds to start up my real time system. Will replacing CAN with XNET resolve this problem?


Essentially, no. The NI 9853 uses our CAN driver, while the NI 9862 uses our XNET driver. While we do recommend upgrading to our XNET driver, this will not noticeably impact how quickly the cRIO will start.

A ten-second startup time for a cRIO is not unusual, and is actually on the faster side of things. Up to a minute is not unusual for a cRIO's startup time.

That being said, the less work your cRIO is doing at startup, the faster it will bootup. This correlates to any initialization VIs or VIs running at startup. The less code you have running at startup, the faster your cRIO will run. And 10 seconds is about the limit of how quickly a cRIO will boot and begin collecting data.

Additional Information

All of that said, the cRIO platform is not designed for quick startup times. It is designed to be left on and that is where it shines. 10 seconds can be a long time depending on your application, but data acquisition can happen very quickly if the cRIO is not shutoff between uses.


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