How to Debug a Sequence on a Remote Computer in TestStand?

Updated May 22, 2018

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I am developing a TestStand sequence in a host computer running sequences remotely on other computers. How can I debug sequence executing remotely on those computers?


When you execute a remote sequence, you cannot single-step or set breakpoints in the remote sequence. When you enable tracing, TestStand updates the status bar with tracing information for the remote sequence.

When a remote sequence executes on a server, the sequence context and call stack include only the sequences that run on the remote computer. When you want to access properties from the client sequence context, you must pass the PropertyObject objects or their values as parameters to the remote sequence. You can use the TestStand API to access properties within a property object.

Additional Information

Note TestStand does not support remotely executing a sequence across different TestStand versions, for example, remotely executing a TestStand 2014 sequence from a computer running TestStand 2013.


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