Volume License Manager on a Virtual Machine

Updated Apr 19, 2023

Reported In


  • Volume License Manager


  • FLEX License Manager
  • VMWare

Issue Details

I would like to run my NI Volume License Manager (VLM) using a Virtual Machine environment, such as the XP Mode feature in  Windows 7 or through a VMWare image. Is this possible,and what do I need to consider when setting up my server?


NI Volume License Manager is tested and supported in virtualized environments. Note that the virtual machine must be running an operating system supported by VLM. For most virtual machine software, it is recommended that you set the network adapter to Bridged for proper connectivity. If you are using the XP mode feature for Windows 7 or a VMware image, see the instructions provided below. Otherwise, refer to the documentation for your virtualization software for more information on changing this setting.

Additional Information

  1. Navigate to Devices»Network Adapter, then selecting Bridged.
  2. Restart your virtual machine for the setting to take effect.
XP Mode Feature in Windows 7
  1. Navigate to Tools»Settings, then select Networking.
  2. Change the adapter settings from the default of Shared Networking (NAT) to the ethernet controller on your computer, as shown below:

If you are unable to connect to your VLM server running on your virtual machine, one possible cause is the default Windows firewall settings of your computer image.

Flexnet Publisher License Manager (FLEXlm) can also be used to manage licenses on a virtual machine. Verify that the operating system is supported by the FLEXlm software. It is not recommended to run FLEXlm and VLM on the same virtual machine as they can conflict with one another.