Encrypt VBScript in DIAdem

Updated Jan 30, 2018

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  • DIAdem

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I have written a VBScript to run in DIAdem, but when I distribute it, I do not want others to be able to see or alter the script file. How can I encrypt and run my VBScript from DIAdem?


You can encrypt a script by navigating to the SCRIPT panel in DIAdem to find the Script menu on the toolbar. Select Script»Encrypt VBS Script/SUD File to choose the VBScript you wish to encrypt. From the pop-up file dialog window, navigate to the path of the VBScript, highlight the VBScript, and click Open. This will create your newly encrypted file with a .vbc extension.

To run your encrypted VBScript from within DIAdem, navigate to the SCRIPT panel. Create a new VBScript by selecting File»New»VBScript. You can then call the ScriptStart() command to run the encrypted VBScript with the following syntax:

Call ScriptStart("C:\Test.VBC")

This will run your encrypted VBScript programmatically from DIAdem.


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